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Rita - Want To See How Wild I Get?

"Come closer and kiss my bicep," professional female bodybuilder Rita whispers as she poses nude for you in the bedroom, showing off her tattooed, muscular, vascular legs, glutes, and abs and her powerful pecs, and giving you a look at her pierced kitty. "You cannot escape me," she says with a smile.

7Min 42Sec Video


Sophia Fiore - This Porn Star Tells Her Own Secrets. They Might Surprise You

Porn star Sophia Fiore does an interview in panties, showing off her muscular legs, glutes, biceps, and abs, and reveals some juicy secret fantasies. You might be surprised.

6Min 33Sec Video


Maria G - On The Ball

Professional female bodybuilder Maria G uses a big red ball to show off her vascular biceps, tattooed back, muscular pecs, legs and glutes and ripped abs. She sure does like her ball.

6Min 18Sec Video


Alina Popa - Popa's Poses

It's always fun to watch Ripped, Vascular Professional Female Bodybuilder Alina Popa pose in panties, especially when she's wearing high-heeled shoes and you can see all the massive muscles in her pecs, legs and glutes.

50 Photos 


Jill Jaxen - She's Naked. And Wants To Know What You'd Like To Do With Her.

In a virtual session in her bedroom, female bodybuilder Jill Jaxen demonstrates her Muscle Control by doing some Pec bounces for you, poses nude in high-heeled shoes, showing off her ripped abs, vascular biceps, strong glutes and legs, and her tattoos, then gives you a close-up look at her pretty kitty and asks, "What would you do with me if you were here?" You probably have some ideas.

5Min 50Sec Video


Randy - How Could You Resist? You Can't.

"How could you resist?" asks Randy, as she posies for you in the bedroom in panties and high heels during your virtual session, showing off her muscular pecs, legs, glutes, biceps and abs. "I love to tease men," she says. Can you resist that?

5Min 46Sec Video


Sophie - She's A Bouncer. And That's A Good Thing.

Female bodybuilder Sophie likes to bounce – first jumping rope, then on a trampoline. She also likes to pose to show off the muscles of her big, vascular biceps, powerful Pecs and legs and Ripped Abs.

5Min 4Sec Video


Yvonne - "Massage Me!"

Yvonne's had a long day, and her muscles are tired, so she's posing, playing with her panties, and stroking her powerful pecs, biceps, abs, legs, glutes and calves while she's wishing someone would come to her bedroom to give her a massage. Any volunteers?

5Min 2Sec Video


Vita - Don't Miss The End

After she takes off her panties in the gym, tattooed Vita shows you how flexible she is, poses so you can admire her muscular pecs, biceps and abs, then spreads her legs and glutes so you get a good look at her pretty ass and kitty.

4Min 29Sec Video


Randy - Randy Is Dandy

Posing in lingerie and high-heeled shoes in the bedroom, Randy takes off her panties and shows off her muscular legs and glutes, tight abs and strong biceps, then spreads her thighs to give you a look at her pretty kitty. Isn't Randy dandy?

70 Photos 


MuscleBunny - Bunny Hop

MuscleBunny's working out and posing naked in the gym, peeling off her panties to give you a good look at her vascular biceps, muscular pecs and abs, and the flexible, tattooed legs, great glutes, and strong calves that will make you want to hop to it.

145 Photos 


Tazzie Colomb - Coffee With Taz

Professional female bodybuilder Tazzie Colomb is posing for you in her bedroom after the Arnold Classic, drinking coffee, and showing you how vascular and ripped her pecs, legs, biceps and abs muscles are. Tazzie loves talking to you – and you love coffee with Taz, don't you?

6Min 29Sec Video



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